Friday, 1 February 2013

Touched too much

For all of those who think they have just stepped into the blog of an aspiring 50 Shades novelist, I am very sorry to disappoint, you filthy lot, but you haven't.

As I have mentioned before this blog reviews some of the things to do and people to see ( not things to see and people to chain up 50 Shaders!) in London, within a budget.

I, for one, certainly felt fitter over the Olympics last summer- all that drinking and shouting at the huge screen in Hyde Park really was a good work out- but as the GB flags and Tom Daley shrines are starting to be taken down, the pounds are starting to creep back up!

I know from experience how difficult it can be, when you move to London, to decide which sports team to join without sacrificing a lie in on Saturday morning, or even worse, being that person who is hungover and throwing up on the side of the pitch. However, fear not my dear obesophobes (and yes it is a real phobia) I have the solution.....getting touched up.

Now calm yourselves down 50 Shaders, I don't mean it in that sense, I mean in the touch rugby sense. Let me explain....
The sport is mixed touch rugby, so no tackling or cauliflower ears and both woman and men on the pitch (2 girl minimum at any time), although, as you may expect, the majority of the players are men.

Most men who play in a mixed league have sustained an injury at some stage and can no longer play full contact rugby, or so they tell me... However, I have been held/touched for a tad too long on a number of occasions to believe that all the men's motivations are based on previous injury...

Honestly though, if you have recently moved to London, or even if you haven't, and are looking to play some light hearted sport and meet lots of new people then Go Mammoth is the place for you. I paid £65 for a 9 week league and it was worth every penny. It is even cheaper if you enter a full team in the league too. If touch rugby isn't your game then Go Mammoth have a variety of sports from dodgeball to ultimate frisbee to meet your needs. Not only this, but after each match all the players get 20% discount at a local sponsored bar.

So, don't be that person who can only talk about their job and their partner. Get out there, meet some new people and keep those pounds off!!

And hey, who doesn't love a cheeky grope.