Friday, 25 January 2013

Late night was it?

Like most people, I like a good drink. The more observant of you will have noticed the name of this blog, and won't be overly surprised by my opening sentence. However, contrary to the stereotype I don't shot Guinness through my eyeballs, I don't say Tirty Tree, and I don't have a pot of gold stashed under the bed (I will admit right now though, that I do bloody love potatoes...).

I again, like most people, have attempted (or failed in my case) to complete a 'Dry January' - alcohol free for 31 long days. I completed a solid 19, and then it went somewhat downhill, however I don't fully blame myself for this...

All Londoners, tourists and visitors alike know that drinks in London aren't exactly cheap. However Late Night London have made it their mission (in my opinion) to break as many people's dry January as possible with their 50% off drinks sale throughout this tough month.

Now I don't work for Late Night London, nor am I receiving any payment or shots for this blog (sadly), but I think everyone should be making the most of the last weekend of Late Night discounts.

Over 40 bars across London are taking part and its as simple as printing off the vouchers and handing them to the bar staff. However be warned, it is one voucher per transaction, so if you are wise you will have your handbag bursting with these vouchers, as I did last Saturday night.

I feel at this point I should do my bit and promote drinking responsibly - these vouchers can cause unusual and outright embarrassing behaviour, including dancing 'gangnam style' moves to the DJ because you have forgotten the name of the song...I am the serial requester of songs on nights out, but I feel this was my all time low.

So ladies and gents if you are feeling the January blues and funds are running a little low but you still want to get merry this weekend, get on to Late Night London.

To all those who are 25 days sober, I salute you. To the rest of us, there's always next year.