Friday, 25 January 2013

London's calling...

Belfast born and bred, I moved to London over a year and a half ago to start life in the Big City. The prospect of moving was always going to be a daunting one; coming from Belfast where strangers chat with ease on public transport and have a relatively relaxed way of life, I knew London would be a completely different beast. Just to put it in context, I was not only offered a job in a fish and chip shop on my flight over to London, but a blind date with the grandson of an elderly Belfast woman sitting beside me, where as in London if you talk to someone on the Tube you are naturally a raving lunatic.

Now that I have finally got my bearings in London I have started this blog to review places to go and things to see within London. From the best value afternoon tea to the most, dare I say it, enjoyable Hollywood wax experience.

Humans are creatures of habit so the thought of changing your hairdresser, your local pub and even your dentist is a troubling one (and yes, I will have to admit that I am still travelling back to Belfast to see my local dentist...). The hope of this blog is to encourage those reading it to post reviews and suggestions of places they have visited or services they have received, as it is too easy to receive a below-average service for an extortionate price in London, so with your help lets shed some light on the hidden (and not so hidden) gems of London!