Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Who wears short shorts?

These lads do!

Yes ladies, that is what I spent my International Women's Day doing, shouting at men in short shorts. And it was delightful!

I spent the weekend up in Edinburgh watching Scotland play France in the penultimate weekend of Six Nations rugby. The match was great, the gravy chips at half time were great and the legs were great (don't judge me because lets be serious, no one believes men watch beach volley ball for the skill of the sport).

I did have one slight issue with old Murrayfield and that was the lack of atmosphere in East Stand. The chant of Allez Les Bleu was deafening and it really seemed as though me (a through and through BOD/ Ireland supporter) and my overly excited companion (see below) were the only people in the stand shouting for Scotland. Maybe it came across differently on the TV, let me know if it did, but we were certainly getting dirty looks from the 20 year old Scottish lad infront of us. That is just weird right?!

As you can see I am no David Bailey… But how could you try and crush this Scottish boy's spirit?! 

Anyway. I will admit that there was at least one chap in the East Stand that was getting a bit loud and larey and that was a man a few rows in front who was one finger point away from getting up and punching the ref in the face. And in all seriousness I wouldn't have been to far behind him after giving that shameful penalty at the end!! 

The rest of the weekend was thoroughly enjoyable despite Scotland's defeat, although some serious salt in the wound when we bumped into the entire France team in Edinburgh City Centre. I knew what was happening and who they were but out of principle I didn't acknowledge them. Gotta play it cool in these kind of situations... Oh, with the exception of when the little girl opposite you on the train poos herself then tries to steal your Drifter. That made the four and a half hour train journey enjoyable for everyone involved...

And now on to more important news.

OOOOOOOHHHHHH LOOOOORD. Thank you Telegraph for capturing that arm... Sorry I mean that talented sportsman and his arm. 

How incredible were Ireland against Italy on Saturday?! If you are a fellow lover of BOD and haven't seen his interview with Shane Horgan, you need to get involved. Watch it here . And if you are not a lover of BOD kindly remove your heathen-self from this page, you are not welcome!

And one final thing...... but that wink tho

Bring on Paris next week!!!!