Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My New Year (or Late January…don't judge me) Resolutions

Okay, so I am a little behind on my New Years Resolutions this year. My 2014 didn’t technically start until 6th January, when I started back to work and it has taken a couple of weeks for me to wean myself off chocolate and get my fitness back (and by that I mean getting to my no-lift-six-flights-of-stairs-fourth-floor-office without passing out).

This time last year I was preparing myself for world domination; you know “new year, new life, new you”, that sort of rubbish. Naturally I wrote about 100 lists and over the year tried about 10 different diets, neither of which amounted to much. Luckily the one thing I had to achieve last year, I actually did; I passed my qualification, which meant that after months of hermit style living I was finally able to add five new letters after my name. YAY!

Sitting down to write my resolutions this year hasn’t been quite as easy. Firstly, because once I write them I feel as though I have to get started on them, which usually means the dreaded soups and salads. Secondly, I am actually trying to think of realistic ones that I won’t break within two weeks of setting them!

So here goes…

1. Join a gym and actually go

An optimistic one to begin with I know but I am of the mindset that if I have paid for something I am more likely to actually go. A good friend of mine often goes for runs around Clapham Common (even after a night out while the rest of us hug the toilet or, in my case, try to resist the urge to have a korma for breakfast). I know running around a park is a great way to get fit for free but it doesn’t work for me, I need some more motivation…like £45 coming out of my account each month.

So Fitness First, say hello to your (soon to be) newest member.

Seriously, I will actually go…I promise.

2. Blog more regularly

My qualification set me back on the blogging front for the second half of last year, but no longer. No more excuses!

3. Stop writing list and actually get stuff done

It is sort of the same as organising your revision file or cleaning your room during exams. “Of coooourse I can’t revise with my room in such a mess. Here, just let me colour co-ordinate my wardrobe and then I’ll get started on The Digestive System” Well in 2014 I will stop writing lists and actually get stuff done…with the exception of this list of course…I am only human!

4. Get rid of my reputation of world’s worst chef

This is not a resolution to become the next Delia or Heston but to be a bit more imaginative with my meals, and get out of the habit of thinking that roast potatoes are the perfect side dish for every meal (which in all seriousness they are, but apparently people like other side dishes, like green veg and things…who knew).

5. Learn a language

Not fluently, but at least to a polite conversational level. I got myself a great app at the end of last year called Duolingo. This app walks you through French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, German and Italian at beginner, intermediate and advanced level. And it’s FREE.

I am currently learning Spanish…beginner level. La Manzana… see, sounds sexy doesn’t it? Okay, so it means apple, I am due to be moving on to phrases soon so this will do you for now!

6. Take more care of myself

My mum is always telling me that I should take care of my skin, make sure I am moisturising my neck, not only my face, and that I will regret not taking care of my skin when I look like a haggard old goat by the time I am 30. She’s not wrong.

So 2014 has brought with it ‘Coal Face’ face wash from Lush (it’s better than it sounds, I swear), Dermalogica moisturiser, and the softest neck around!

That’s it! So if you see my in December and I am obese, surrounded by roast potatoes and sporting a chicken neck, you will know I have lost my way some what.

Wish me luck!